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Atelier de Balthus Incense

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Atelier de Balthus emits a heady mixture of delicious sweet smoke, honey, woods, tobacco and cedar. This terpentine blend recalls the floating odour of a painter's workshop. Pale sunlight drifts across a wood-panelled studio within a lush green meadow. Paint brushes, palettes, half-finished canvases, and rags drenched in linseed oil are conjured in this imagination.

Astier de Villatte incense is hand-made in Japan on the small island of Awaji, off the coast of Kobe. The incense is created using the world's oldest incense tradition, a thousand year old craft handed down from father to son. The Koh-shis Masters are experts in the four different steps of creating incense; mixing, rolling, drying and cutting. Throughout the drying process, the incense is exposed to the Western winds which carry a higher content of iodine, giving the incense a delicate and distinct scent. 

The packaging is printed in letter-press and type-set by the last Master Printer in Paris.
Contains 125 sticks with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes per stick.