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Song For The Mute

Bicyclette Long Worker Jacket

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Worker jacket by Song For The Mute in colourful woven boucle fabric. Features collar button-stand closure, flap pockets and printed patch detail featuring bicycle.

‘DJEBEL’ Ever-present yet unobtainable, majestic in its permanence. An homage to the cultural heritage that defines us all.

20.2 Djebel (‘mountain’ in Arabic) serves as a continuation of Creative Director Lyna Ty’s enchantment as first experienced during a trip to her partner’s hometown of Ksar Hellal in the Tunisian Sahel region in 2018 - the foundation of our prior chapter 20.1 Le Bled.

Revisiting the asperous mountain and desert regions of Southern Tunisia in 2019, Ty was captivated once more. What followed was a deeper ex- ploration of the physical, cultural and societal landscapes that had initially intrigued her in 2018.

35mm photographs from the region are juxtaposed with digital imagery captured by Ty, symbolic of the contrast between a traditional way of living and the pressures of modernity. This commentary appears throughout the collection as raw-edgepatches sewn onto garments, alluding to our decaying heritage never to have truly departed from us.

Colour: Multi.

Material: 43% Cotton 17% Acrylic 16% Polyamide 13% Wool 5% Viscose 2% Polyester 1% Silk 1% Acetate. Fabric sourced in France. 
Made in Australia. 
Model wears size 38.