Introducing: Mika Skincare









All Mika products are produced by a woman in the third trimester of her life which has been full of imagining, formulating and bringing to bear her notions. There is an ongoing attempt, thought and attention to maintaining care of the place on which we live. Caring for all living creatures, planting trees, picking up rubbish and living in a natural world are all passions tightly held.

And so without further ado, let us introduce you to some of our favourites you can now find in store at Dilettante...





Skin Tonics.


Both Skin Tonics have certified organically grown cold pressed extra virgin Olive Oil (Regan's Ridge, W.A.), Peach Kernel oil (Australia) with the main bulk being Golden Jojoba (pesticide free, north western N.S.W.) as carriers for the essential oils.

Jojoba is not an oil (trygliceride), rather a liquid wax made up of long chain linear esters which is highly effective as a moisturiser for the whole body including scalp and hair. Jojoba boasts an extremely long shelf life. The body oil blend is intended for general use; a readily absorbed luxurious moisturiser that will leave your skin feeling dewy and well nourished, whereas the essential oils used in the muscle blend work toward increased blood flow and circulation.

The Fragonia and Kunzea relax tired muscles and jangled nerves, with Sandalwood and Lavender assisting to settle the mind. This is what I use as an all-over body moisturiser and is the most healing and luxurious ritual of my day.
For best use, apply to dampened skin. A little goes a long way!






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