A Quick Six with Andrea of Miro Miro.





This week we take a moment to chat with Andrea Goh and learn a little bit more about Miro Miro - her new line of jewellery now available at Dilettante.





Does the name Miro Miro mean anything in particular?

It has no specific meaning, but Miro came from Joan Miro being one of my all time favourite artists, whose use of line and spherical forms I find inspiring. The doubling of the Miro was inspired by my old Chinese aunties - they would always call my cousins, siblings and I, ‘girl girl’ or ‘boy boy’ as they would never remember our names as there were so many of us.





You are based here in Perth, but have Chinese heritage, how do you think that has influenced your design or production practice?

Although I’m now proud of my Chinese heritage, that hasn’t always been the case. Growing up in Perth was difficult at times as I was subject to racist taunts at school and general everyday life. Because I was young it affected me greatly - I’m ashamed to say it now, but I was embarrassed of my heritage and difference for most of my childhood. 

As I’ve matured I’ve grown to love and be proud of my heritage and so Miro Miro pays homage to the importance of embracing difference. My use of orange and green onyx stones - both recurring colours in Chinese culture - are nods to my heritage. I see the label as a way to find power in rethinking narratives of ‘otherness’.







Andrea wears Pleats Please, Issey Miyake Me, Miro Miro earrings, sunglasses by Kuboraum and shoes from Ann Demeulemeester.
Shop selected styles from Andrea's collection in store and online now: 

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