The NMT Graduates: A Moment with Tülay Dinçel, Hannah Budge & Mariaan Pugh

Each year, Dilettante awards a fashion graduate from North Metropolitan TAFE the opportunity to showcase a collection of work as part of their mentorship program. 


We chat to the graduates Tülay Dinçel, Hannah Budge and Mariaan Pugh to find out what they've been up to...




DIANA: What have you been doing with yourself since

TÜLAY: I graduated in 2017 and since then I have been
working full time, saving money and working on my
portfolio. I've also been styling the Dilettante photo shoots.






DIANA: What have you been doing with yourself since graduating?

HANNAH: Since graduating in 2018, I've started - and promptly dropped out of - uni, spent some time interning, lived in a  peaceful hut in the Perth hills, travelled to NYC and Montreal, and took a creative hiatus.
I've now settled in Northbridge with my partner, and have been  curating our space together. I'm very inspired by my surrounds, so moving from the bush to the city has impacted my design aesthetic.

What inspired you when creating your capsule collection for Dilettante?

I wanted to revisit shapes from my graduate collection, which was centred around the hopeful, yet paranoid depiction of the future in Cold War America, epitomised in Jerry Henderson's kitsch 1970's bomb shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I aimed to create retro-futuristic Spring/Summer sportswear pieces reminiscent of early couture silhouettes. I'm always inspired by interesting fabrics, textures, and details, and enjoyed juxtaposing technical Japanese fabrics and 3M reflective elastic with vintage buttons and "ric rac" zipper pulls.

Where do you see yourself in the next year or so?

I don't have a concrete plan for what I'll do after this. Ideally, I would like to live in relative isolation with my love, in some magnificent brutalist earth-ship-style Grand Designs-esque home creating work, and having someone else handle all of the logistics.
That's the dream, I think. Maybe somewhere similar to the 70's bomb shelter...





DIANA: What have you been doing with yourself since

MARIAAN: I have interned for two
of my favourite designers; Perth label, Garbage TV, and
Danish designer, Henrik Vibskov.

With Garbage TV, I got to work on some crazy and
theatrical accessories. At Henrik Vibskov I was more drawn
to working on set design for the runway and costuming
rather than the ready to wear.

I had the wonderful experience of exhibiting at Dilettante
in 2017, a collaboration of tufting and neon lights on
canvas created with visual artist, George Howlett.

Recently I have returned from Europe where I completed
an artist residency at The Icelandic Textile Centre. I was
lucky to be there for the annual knitters festival.

I then travelled to Brighton to complete a machine knitting
course. I'm now working on my first solo show titled,
"I Miss You Stephen, I Keep Watching Barbarella" at
Cool Change Gallery (opening on the 29th of November)
and i'm teaching fashion and textiles at
The Children's School of Contemporary Art.


What inspired you when creating your capsule
collection for Dilettante?

I was living in Iceland during their summer, this meant
for a whole month there was 24 hours of sunlight!
Which was great for staying up late sewing in the
natural light, but terrible when it was time to sleep. I
originally started making a sleep mask for myself but
it ended up being a series of beaded "Fussy Sleeper Masks".

For my collection at Dilettante, I have made another
series of masks that are more sleep friendly, with more
embroidery than beading and made from silk.


Where do you see yourself in the next year or so?

After discovering machine knitting, my next focus will be
this and exploring ways to combine garments into my art.

I hope to further my career in education alongside working
on my textile art practice.



The graduate collections launch in store Thursday November 7th, coinciding with our event below...




See you there! xx

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