Five Things You Need To Know About Christian Wijnants...






Become acquainted with the beautiful work of Christian Wijnants: five things you need to know about the Belgian designer and our latest addition to the Dilettante lineup.





3. His collections are quite often inspired by travel.
Christian has recently travelled to Japan and Sri Lanka observing the way people dress, talk, eat etc. He is also inspired by imaginary trips, by reading a book or watching a movie. He says dreaming about a place can be as inspirational as visiting it in real life.






4. Christian envisions the designs being worn by many different types of women.

“I think it is very challenging to make clothes that suit and fit women from different horizons” he says of his designs.





5. When he was 18, he discovered a knitting machine in his parents’ attic and started to use it.

He immediately connected to the process and loved the idea of creating his own fabric from just a simple thread. This love of creating his own fabric has stayed with the designer as he now focuses on creating his own prints, silk fabrics and knits for his namesake brand.




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