A sustainable future for Rick Owens.





To coincide with our latest delivery from Rick Owens, we spoke with the OWENSCORP team to discuss the sustainability initiatives and environmentally-friendly manufacturing and textile practices the brand is implementing. And so, we present to you, 5 quick-fire facts from behind the scenes of the OWENSCORP racks:





3. To reduce the impact of clothing waste in landfill, OWENSCORP use recycled cotton by ‘Ecotec’, a textile company in Italy that transforms pre-consumed fabric leftovers into yarns.






4. All of OWENSCORP’s European fabric providers are ‘Reach’ certified.

The Reach agreement aims to protect both human health and the environment by restricting the use of toxic chemicals. Certifications from the mills who provide the materials for Rick Owens include the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) who use AZO free non-toxic synthetic dyestuffs and non-formaldehyde products only, and the ZDCH program which aims to eliminate toxic chemical use in the textile industry.





5. One of OWENSCORP’s most used textile suppliers started the ‘Save The Water’ program to promote water conservation in the textile industry, an initiative that is associated with the Green Peace ‘Detox Agreement’. The Detox Agreement is Green Peace’s campaign for reducing waste and energy consumption in the textile industry.





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