A Lesson in Issey Miyake





What size should I buy?





What is it made of?
Pleats Please garments are made from 100% polyester, as this is the ideal fabric to hold pleats. Each garment is created by first cutting and sewing the garment together, before it goes through a heat-pleating system. This ensures the pleats are permanent. There are several fabrics commonly used in Issey Miyake ME garments such as Cauliflower, A-POC, See-Through Crepe, Flocky, and Stretch Pleats. These fabrics emphasize the quality of fabric ‘memory’ associated with Issey Miyake, but tend to deviate from the pleats to incorporate a range of textures.





How do I take care of it?

All Issey Miyake garments, including Pleats Please and ME, should be washed in a laundry bag on a gentle machine cycle with cold water, and laid flat to dry. Issey Miyake garments should never be dry-cleaned, washed on a warm machine cycle or ironed, as any form of heat will compromise the heat-set pleating.
Roll in the direction of the pleats when storing. Ease of care and crease-resistance means Issey Miyake pieces are perfect for travel and every day wear.




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