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Jack Caddy jewellery designer

We caught up with artist and maker, Jack Caddy, in his studio to chat about his recent jewellery collection made exclusively for Dilettante.


What was your inspiration behind this collection of earrings?

I was inspired by the balance between organic and synthetic forms, as though cuttlefish bones and orchid tendrils have been fossilised under automotive paint, reimagined as personal charms.

Jack Caddy loop earring
Gold and brown loop earring. Rick Owens moss banana long sleeve top.

As you have a background in fine art, how has your approach to jewellery design shaped this collection?

Approaching jewellery as miniature sculptures, botanic oddities become ornamental speed-forms. Insect shells are spliced with turbine blades, sea life welded to hydrofoils. As if baroque pearls have melted into dynamic forms that reference the shapes and folds of the ear itself.

Jack Caddy earrings
Jack Caddy jewellery collection.

The earrings seem complex but are surprisingly light and wearable, what materials have you used?

The earrings are created digitally, pushed, fused, and twisted into objects that have a natural flow to them, enveloping around the ear lobe. They have been 3D printed in tough resin, refined and painted by hand, and reskinned in bright color shifting paints.

Jack Caddy in his studio
Jack in his studio.

Has there been any other artistic projects you have you been working on recently?

Most recently I have been involved in set and prop design for theater, and created the headpieces for Shakespeare in the Park 2021.

Jack Caddy earrings
Left: Gold and brown loop earring, silver and green horn earring, gold and lilac small hook earring, red and gold large hook earring.
Right: Colourshift green large hook earring, silver and purple small hook earring.


Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Curtin University in 2018, Jack Caddy has exhibited work at Moana Project Space for Hobiennale in TAS, Sister Gallery SA, and Cool Change Contemporary in WA. His contributions also extend to being published in Island Island for Bus Projects VIC and presenting at the Revelation Film Festival Academic conference in WA. Dilettante was particularly drawn to Jack's work due to his inventive and forward-looking artistic perspective. Our conviction lies in the belief that championing young local creatives is a vital means of contributing to the enhanced appreciation of culture and art within our local community.

Shop the full collection from Jack Caddy here.

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