Here's to you, Mum




Ahead of Mother's Day this weekend, I caught up with my Mum Sylvia to reflect on how our lives have changed over the last 12 months...




Do you feel the same way about your grandchildren as you do your very own children? Or is it a different kind of love?

Different but the same.  Love is Love. Grandchildren do receive our unconditional love. 

I feel that only now do I truly understand just how incredible you are. I feel awful to say it, but I really do have a new found appreciation of you and of everything that you have ever done for me and my brothers. What do you think you learned about your mother when you became one for the first time?

How much patience and love she gave us always.


And how do you think you changed as a person when you started a family?

I didn’t really think about it at the time. One just took on the responsibilities one day at the time. You move from being an individual to being a physical part of another human being for the rest of your life. I love being a mother. 





A month after Allegra’s birth you were diagnosed with breast cancer. How did you feel hearing that news for the second time in your life? 

Devastated. How do I protect my family from the shock and stress. The important thing was and still is,  to remain positive and focus on recovery. I’m getting there.




You had a double Mastectomy and decided not to have reconstructive surgery. How did you make that decision?

First of all I just wanted the cancer cells out and I wasn’t convinced that putting something foreign in my body was the answer. I need time to recover and I know I can have reconstructive surgery if I decide to do so. 





I absolutely love the way your hair is now as it’s starting to grow back. I love the colour, the texture and especially the length. To me you look stronger than ever and incredibly chic. How do you feel about it currently?

Well it’s dark and curly. I was hoping for platinum.  It is growing and for that I’m grateful. 


People are always asking me how you are. And to me, you actually seem happier and more content now than you had been for years. How do you believe that you’ve changed in the last year?

Well I found that I needed to forgive and that that included myself. I cannot make life perfect for my loved ones and friends and etc and etc. And that’s okay.  I need to work on me time.  That way I’m ensuring our time. 






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