Mum's the word.


As a woman about to embark into Motherhood for the very first time, I have spent the better part of the last 8 months trawling through books on natural childbirth, spending countless hours contemplating my birth plan, mixing essential oils to massage onto an expanding waistline, weighing up the pros and cons of disposable versus cloth nappies and even deliberating the 'no-nappy' approach.











           "You have always been a strong independent Woman. Be true and kind to yourself. Have faith in your ability to love this beautiful gift unconditionally and always remember to be patient. This bond will last forever, so don’t stress the small things along the way"









          "Follow your heart – it knows beyond all doubt, all measure.
When you think you don’t know what to do, take three deep breaths and remember that a hug heals everything. Finally, what my parents remind me – 'an education is not for a living, but for life. At the end of education is character'. That pearl of wisdom has really helped me in guiding our son through his first year of university"








"Time will fly quicker than you know – so be sure to cherish each and every moment along the way. Every milestones is as magical as the next; the first smile, first words and first steps. Each one will remind you just how precious life is… enjoy the ride"
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