A Quick Six with Toko from Angel City Nails


Above: Toko wears the Issey Miyake ME crumpled top over Christian Wijnants' floral-print long sleeve top.

Dilettante spends a quick six with Toko Hutcheson, creative force behind Angel City Nails. Crystallising our collective nostalgia for the technicolor camp of the nineties and naughties, Toko creates compellingly maximalist nail art for the playfully-minded amongst Perth's fashion cognoscenti.

Dilettante: How did you get into nail art?

Toko: I noticed when I would get my nails done, when asking for a particular design, I was constantly being turned down or told what I was requesting was too difficult. This played on my mind, so when holidaying in Tokyo a couple years ago, I decided to head into a nail supply store and try it for myself. From then, it took me one year before I quit my part time job in hospitality and pursued Angel City on a full time basis.

What inspires your work?

I guess I have always been inspired by my childhood surroundings. Growing up in Tokyo in the late 90s and early 2000s, I was surrounded by anime, Sanrio characters, and of course the fashion, makeup, hair and nail art from that era.

Left: Toko clutches the new cut-out Bao Bao bag and wears an Issey Miyake ME crumpled cardigan.
Right: Toko wears the compass-print top and wide-leg denim trousers, both from Issey Miyake ME.

What are the biggest trends right now? Do you get many crazy requests?

Anything 3D! Chunky gems, big charms, gel resin blobs and squiggles. No request is too crazy for me. I'm down for anything and always happy to collaborate on a design with a client!

What has been your favourite set of nails to date?

It's so hard to choose... But if I had to, I would say a recent custom press on set with hand sculpted chrome flowers and letters spelling out "Madison".

Do you think that fashion can be art?

Absolutely! Fashion and art are linear.

How would you describe your personal style?

I wasn't sure how to answer this one, so I phoned a friend. Their description of my personal style: "An intersection between street and smart, like Dada meets Prada."

Toko wears Issey Miyake ME Illusion top with the Christian Wijnants coated cotton skirt. Complemented by Rick Owens' Abstract sandals and a zigzag Bao Bao bag.

What do you love most about your job?

It would have to be my clients - the Angels. I love knowing that I can make them feel great about themselves and that my nails bring them joy.


Toko created bejewelled gold and silver nails to compliment new Alexandra Dodds, now in store at Dilettante.

See more of Toko's work via instagram @angelcitynails, or visit her website.

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