Style Profile: Sheridan Fiamengo

Sheridan Fiamengo wearing Baserange
Baserange Nida swim top and Shaw long sleeve Kaftan styled as a skirt.

From Dilettante to Baserange. We caught up with Sheridan Fiamengo, our former team member and friend, to chat about fashion, her position at Baserange, and her move to Melbourne.


We have missed you since you made the jump over to Naarm/Melbourne! What are your favourite things about your new home?

I have missed y'all! I have to say all the elements that drew me to make the move to Naarm/Melbourne have exceeded my expectations, I love a concrete playground! My favourite things are my day-to-day moments mostly... walking Bag (my toy poodle) through Royal Park's native grassland circle with an oat matcha, rotating wine menus matched with food, acquaintances becoming good friends, driving through the Peninsula, spontaneous tickets to Yung Lean at the Forum, seeing flocks of bats flying at sunset...

Collectively it would be the randomness of what Naarm/Melbourne can offer.

Baserange Tav tank and Loulou cardigan. Rick Owens dust calf bias skirt.
Baserange undyed Tav tank, Loulou cardigan and of white cotton rib triangle bra. Rick Owens dust calf bias skirt.

What makes the Melbournian perspective on fashion unique?

We are extremely lucky here to have a plethora of creative people with contemporary fashion practices. Naarm/Melbourne has always driven conversation around socio-economic, political and cultural diversity. Because of this, people's perspective and relationship with fashion is influenced regardless if they subscribe to fashion or not. It's an attitude for sure.

Sheridan Fiamengo wearing Baserange
Baserange Nida swim top and Shaw long sleeve Kaftan styled as a skirt.

You've been working with Baserange for quite a while now. What drew you to work with this brand in particular?

I was initially interested by their collections drawing attention to a more nuanced approach to design. A few years ago I started to challenge my own relationship with fashion immensely. I was attracted to Baserange as they embodied practices towards ecological and humane sustainability. I knew I wanted to work in an environment where I could apply my skill set, in an industry that I loved, and was implementing innovative ways in their development. 

After meeting Karina (Director of Baserange Australia), I quickly realised that Baserange was going to be an impactful step in my career. I feel very lucky to have a mentor with whom I share the same thoughts and feelings towards fashion and to have someone who has taught me so much about business ownership.  

Sheridan Fiamengo wearing the Baserange Loulou cardigna, black Nida bra and the army green Phyllis jeans by Uma Wang.
Baserange Loulou cardigan and Nida swim top. Uma Wang army green Phyllis jeans.

What's your favourite Baserange piece right now?

I’m really into the new Nida thong. I love that Baserange is having its own moment with lingerie. I’m here for it.


What was your most cherished purchase during your time working with us prior to your relocation to Melbourne?

This is tough - and not to mention all the pieces I wish I bought! Like the blood-red silk taffeta Vivienne Westwood gown I tried on multiple times...

But, my favourite would definitely have to be one of the more extra things I own - a cerulean tailored waistcoat with detachable sleeves from Yohji Yamamoto's SS14 collection. I bought it from the archive. Although it doesn’t get much air time, it’s still one of my most treasured pieces. Once when I was wearing it, I had someone try to buy it from me.

Baserange and Uma Wang
Left: Baserange undyed Tav Tank, Bean bodysuit and of white cotton rib triangle bra. Right: Baserange Nida swim top and Loulou cardigan. Uma Wang army green Phyllis jeans. 

Can you name a movie that you think has the best costume design or outfits?

It would be a solid tie between The Matrix, Fifth Element, The Favourite, Kill Bill, Hunger Games, Party Girl and probably everything Bette wore on the L Word. Sorry, that wasn’t one. I literally can’t choose.  


What is the most embarrassing fashion trend that you’ve ever participated in?

100% piercings. Everything I've subscribed to is a timestamp of what I was feeling at the time. No regrets.  

Baserange Rossia dress and Christian Wijnants Pelana jeans
Baserange silk velvet Rossia dress. Christian Wijnants dark denim Pelana jeans

Finally, Sheridan, what's on your list when you're back in Perth for a visit?

Dinner at Little Lebanon with my stunning friends, going to the beach and obviously shopping at Dilettante ;) 



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