Stomie and the Vogue Ghillie Suit




Perhaps best known for the melancholic characters that feature prominently in his paintings on both canvas and walls alike, Stormie Mills temporarily shifts his focus to back issues of Vogue for a brand new installation as part of the Off the Page Project now on display at Dilettante.

Presented as a part of Town of Claremont's Scribbler's Festival, the project sees bespoke artworks that transform paper, print and pre-loved books exhibited across 11 businesses within the Claremont town centre.

To coincide with the opening of the festival this week, we take a moment for a chat with the beloved Perth based artist about 'Vogue Ghillie Suit' and the inspiration behind the piece...





What does style mean to you?

I love a John Waters quote “Technique is nothing but failed style.” Style is elusive, it isn’t something you can buy. When you’re truly comfortable with who you are you possess a confidence that projects that sense of self in a way that is evident to those you come in contact with, this to me is style.


Do you think that fashion can be art?

There is an art to all aspects of fashion, works can become a piece of art particularly couture, but art can be the step off point for fashion. It is a muse that subconsciously says something. I always think that art is a question, not an answer, so why not be fashion?






What other projects are you working on for the rest of the year?

I’ll be in Italy for a while. I’ve been invited by the Florence Biennale to show my work at the 82nd Mostra Internazionale dell'Artigianato at the historic Fortezza da Basso, and create a work on a wall while I’m there.

Then I will spend time studying Renaissance paintings and sculpture, drawing people and places, and filling pages of sketchbooks for ideas for works I’ll make when I return to the studio.






Stormie's installation is on exhibition now at Dilettante, and remains on display until Sunday the 13th of May.
For more information on the Off the Page project and the other participating artists, view the full program here.

Scribblers Festival is brought to life through a creative partnership between FORM and the Town of Claremont.

Image credit: Francis Andrijich.


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