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The 100ml Wildflower Body and Room Mist is a pure essential oil blend of Fragonia Kunzea, Leom Myrtle, Mandarin and Sandalwood which is useful for balancing the senses and restoring natural circadian rhythms in sleep. 

MIKA is 100% natural, organic and transparently sourced. The containers and wrappings are compostable, biodegradable and reusable. All products are produced in Perth, Western Australia.The product is created using pure essential oils and Margaret River rainwater. No solubilisers or alcohol are used.

Shake the bottle before use and spray up in the air around a room or around oneself. Can be used to freshen linens. Useful for dispersing unpleasant odours. Please shake the bottle before each use to emulsify the essential oils with the water. Store the bottle upright.