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Awaji Incense

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Awaji incense exhales a delicate melange of driftwood, resins, jasmin and immortelle flower. Legend recalls that a trunk of Agar wood one day washed on to the beach on the Japanese island of Awaji. The native people burned this wood, concluded the smell was so intoxicating that they offered it as a gift to the Emperor.

Astier de Villatte incense is hand-made in Japan on the small island of Awaji, off the coast of Kobe. The incense is created using the world's oldest incense tradition, a thousand year old craft handed down from father to son. The Koh-shis Masters are experts in the four different steps of creating incense; mixing, rolling, drying and cutting. Throughout the drying process, the incense is exposed to the Western winds which carry a higher content of iodine, giving the incense a delicate and distinct scent. 

The packaging is printed in letter-press and type-set by the last Master Printer in Paris.
Each box contains 125 sticks with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes per stick.