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Black Crane


  • Black Crane Drawstring Pant

  • Black Crane Dolman Top

  • Black Crane Boxy Linen Top

  • Black Crane Tank Dress

  • Black Crane Wrap Skirt

  • Black Crane Poet Dress

  • Black Crane Jumpsuit

  • Black Crane Poet Dress

  • Black Crane Cream Open Shirt

  • Black Crane Long Beige Tie Coat

  • Black Crane Slim Dress

  • Black Crane Long Black Tie Coat

Luxury fashion brand Black Crane was founded by Los Angeles based duo Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki who share a deep fascination with their Japanese ancestry, and ancient Japanese culture and traditions. Combining Suzuki’s background in art and architecture, and Yamaguchi’s pattern making and silk-screening expertise, Black Crane design garments that are minimal and utilitarian with a focus on supple lines and comfort. Balancing interests of environmentalism, responsibility and sustainability, all production processes including fabric weaving take place in Los Angeles, California.

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